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ADD£ºZhouwangmiao Town, Haining Xinghuo Village
TEL£º0573-87538398 87533214
FAX£º0573-87536600    CONTACT£ºMr. Jin
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HAINING WELL BEARING CO., LTD. is located in HAINING city, between HANGZHOU and SHANGHAI, about 50 kilometers away from HANGZHOU and 110 kilometers away from Shanghai.
Our company is equipped with advanced automatic bearing production lines and all kinds of inspection and testing¡­¡­
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Sincere and honest
Faithfulness the customer, the absolute sincerity service, is responsible.
The having a firm and sincere aim in the common enterprise, never says d¡­¡­

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ADD£ºZhouwangmiao Town, Haining Xinghuo Village TEL£º0573-87538398  87533214  FAX£º0573-87536600    CONTACT£ºMr. Jin  E-mail£º