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P Name£º  Hybrid Ceramic Ball Bearings
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       Mixed ceramic ball inside and outside the hybrid ceramic ball bearing ring material for bearing steel (Gcr15) or stainless (9cr18), mainly silicon nitride ceramic balls (Si3N4), oxide (ZrO2), alumina (Al2O3) and so on. Composite Si3N4 one of superior performance, has become a hybrid ceramic ball bearing material of choice.
       The density of Si3N4 ceramics 3.20g/cm3, than the bearing steel 7.85g/cm3 density is much lower. Ceramic rolling physical so effectively inhibited high-speed rotation of the centrifugal force generated to reduce the rolling body load. At the same time can reduce the rolling body and raceway sliding rotation between the noodle to prevent surface damage play a useful role. Therefore, the hybrid ceramic ball bearings are used in the field of high-speed operation the best selection, such as high-speed electric spindle bearings, machine tool spindle bearing, dental drill bearings, high-speed grinding head bearings, instrument bearings, bearings, such as hard disk drives. Also be able to apply, such as skates, model aircraft and electric toys and other civilian products.
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